Our sponsors have the chance to secure maximum exposure with over 45,000+ key decision-makers of the promotional products industry and 2,000+ onsite convention & expo attendees. Pair your 2018 marketing goals with advancing the promotional products industry by selecting a sponsorship opportunity that’s right for your company. Your sponsorships make the SAAC Convention & Expo happen.

Customized Sponsorships
Customization is the name of the game. Whether you're looking to introduce your new product to distributors or join some of the most elite companies in supporting the convention & expo, we have sponsorship opportunities at a variety of levels. By customizing sponsorship opportunities, you expand your potential to connect with key individuals, stand out from the competition and position yourself as a leader in the growth and innovation of the industry. To discuss a customized sponsorship package and benefits, please contact Donte Shannon at info@saac.net or 805.484.7393.

Sponsorship Recognition
This year, sponsorship partners will be recognized before, during and after the 2018 SAAC Convention & Expo in one of five tiers based upon their total conference spend. They are as follows:

Principal Premier Patron Professional Exhibitor
$20,000+ $19,999-$15,000 $14,999-$10,000 $9,999-$5,000 $4,999-$1,499

Enjoy the Perks
SAAC Convention & Expo sponsors automatically elevate their brand, exposure and conference experience in the following ways:
•    Exclusive networking opportunities
•    Future priority booth selection
•    Free admission for distributor clients
•    Special recognition on conference signage
•    Complimentary ads and email marketing
•    And much more...

Questions? Contact the SAAC Office at info@saa.net or 805.484.7393. 

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